A hectic game of reflexes and spatial awareness.

The game can be discovered by playing it and becoming good at it, but here is a rundown of all the mechanics (which are really more fun to discover than to read about!)

About the game's design:

The core of the game is: Aiming at moving targets. The idea is to build all the game mechanics into this system, instead of feeling like independent systems on the side. Rundown of the game mechanics:

- Killing enemy balls slows down time for a bit, helping your aim.

- The level resets after a fixed duration. Together with the time dilation, there is almost always a chance to survive against overwhelming numbers, allowing for epic "last stand" holdouts.

- The basic enemy spawns two enemies in perpendicular motion to the player, so they are not an immediate threat, but the player must keep an eye on them.

- Upgrades are unlocked by killing the big ball, which requires you to aim correctly, and to foresee that you are not in immediate danger

- All the upgrades are intended to (1) modify the core mechanic, (2) amplify one another, and/or (3) just make the game feel great.

  1. Bigger bullets. Easier to hit enemies.
  2. Magnetic bullets. Bullet home in on enemies that are very close.
  3. Longer time dilation. Makes it easier to survive in tense situations (which is most of the time)
  4. Unstoppable reload. Reload time becomes unaffected by time dilation. Greatly synergizes with longer time dilation.
  5. Minelayers. Bullets spawn a mine after a certain time. Aiming can now be used to build defenses, but they don't have time to work when closely surrounded.
  6. Ping-pong. Bullets bounce off enemies at great speed. Feels particularly awesome with magnetic bullets because of the extra speed. Synergizes with minelayers, since bullets are almost guaranteed to spawn a mine.

The initial idea for the game was to just make a mix of Asteroids and Kung Fury: Street Rage, hence the name Asteroid Fu.

Made for the GMTK Game Jam in July 2017.

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